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What an incredible weekend of triumphs and achievements! 🌟

Aleksander Skoglund secures a second consecutive quota spot for Norway in Nordic Combined, making a powerful statement for his World Cup selection in Seefeld.

Yngve "Legend" Ludvigsen shines as a supercoach in Sapporo, guiding the way to success.

Sindre Ulven Jørgensen breathes in the exhilarating air of the World Cup, emerging as a superstar in Poland.

Meanwhile, Emil S. Skaug and Sigurd Myrvang deliver a stellar performance at the Junior NM.

But the highlight of the week steals the spotlight at YOG! 🥉 Ingvild Synnøve Midtskogen claims bronze in South Korea and grabs a 🥈 in the Mixed Team event alongside teammate Mats Strandbraaten. Congratulations to everyone on these remarkable achievements! 🎉

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